CW Pencil Enterprise: Pencils Galore!

CW Pencil Enterprise on the Lower East Side of Manhattan is a delight to behold!
(Scroll to the end if you’re already familiar with the store and just want to see which pencil-related goodies I picked up on my visit.)


The interior of this place is overflowing with passion and enthusiasm. It is so wonderfully refreshing to see this level of dedication to an object as ubiquitous as the trusty pencil. There is a fine balance of both old & new and despite the museum-like appearance of the store, there are many top quality items for stationery lovers to enjoy Including some special limited editions!


The store itself is small but is full of little surprises, like this testing station which has a drawer full of pencils that allows you to try before you buy! As well as the pencil testing station, there is also an area dedicated to sharpening.


Here’s what I picked up…


Caran d'Ache : Pencil set made from precious wood, scented with Mizensir perfumes

Hester & Cook : Pencil Collector’s Set, including the “Old Hickory” carpenter’s pencil

Möbius & Ruppert (M+R) : “Grenade” Pencil Sharpener, made from solid brass

Blackwing : Palomino 602, firm graphite (Made in Japan)

High Meadows : Handmade, leather sharpener case


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OR visit the store in person at:

15 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002